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Research has shown that supplementing your diet with oil extracts can help to ease a wide range of discomforts, from day-to-day aches and pains, to those caused by disease. QŪR oils are non-psychoactive and are safe to use without the unnecessary side effects of many prescription drugs. Studies have shown that oil treatments have been able to help patients suffering from discomfort caused by inflammation, neurological disorders, systemic and psychological ailments.

Distinctive and Bold


QŪR Oil is Nanosized through a patented process that has taken over 5 years to test and develop to get to the groundbreaking results that we have today. Our oil has a 10X potency effect compared to all other oils on the market.

Certified Lab Results


Every batch of oil that we produce is tested with a 3rd party lab to ensure the
highest quality product available. The COAs (Certificate of Analysis) are posted
online and included with every shipment so you can see exactly what you are
consuming. No one else is this transparent.

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