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Hydration Cleanse

We make it as simple as possible for you to receive the best world-class treatments so that you can recover and move forward in life. All you need to do is take a couple of minutes to book your appointment online. Once you've successfully done so, a Registered Nurse will visit you so you can have a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. 


A Closer Look At IV Hydration

Getting hydrated via an IV is much more efficient than hydration via drinking water. This is due to the fact that it is going directly into your bloodstream. So, if you have hydration issues that cause feelings for tiredness and headaches, it is essential that you are hydrated. Using our IV hydration drip, you will immediately enjoy the numerous benefits. There are also many other long-term benefits that you will enjoy, and they are as follows:

- Better mood
- More energy
- Better looking skin that glows
- Improved cardiovascular health
- Increased endurance
- Additional cushioning between your joints and muscles

It will take a couple of hours for the IV fluids to exit your body, but you 
will still be able to enjoy the benefits. If you suffer from chronic dehydration, RXIV Infusions can assist you by scheduling regular visits, whether weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. We strive to make you feel better thanks to excellent hydration. 

Our package is basic and contains one ingredient, and that is IV fluid. This is the same type of fluid that you would get if you went to any hospital. It contains electrolytes, sodium chloride, and water. These are all that you need to enhance your body's absorption in order for you to recover and get the fuel you need as quickly as possible. 

You should know that 60% of your body consists of water. So, you should always strive to replenish it as necessary. Some of the signals that clearly show your body needs more water are:

- Dry skin
- High levels of thirst
- Headaches
- Fatigue
- Issues thinking
- Dizziness
- Feelings of exhaustion


About RXIV Infusion

RxIV is a mobile IV therapy company located in West Hempstead, but we provide concierge services to all of Nassau and Suffolk County NY. We have the best-in-class products and nurses to help you feel great and energized in no time. Customers always reach out to us whenever they are feeling tired, hungover, or even sick. IV therapy is the way to go.

Over 110 Five-Star Reviews

We stand behind our products and services. You can rest assured that you're in good hands when you use our mobile IV services.

I am Currently recovering from the COVID-19 infection and I was recommended to IV  infusions by a friend. They showed up the same day and performed an IV drip instantly felt better.   Staff was very polite and extremely helpful in helping me choose what was the best course for recovery. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to have the service performed.

Hayley Siegel

First time ever having an IV drip and wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way but in the comfort of my own home. The nurse who came was amazing very professional very personable will definitely be using this service in the future. Shout out to nurse Laura she was a sweetheart.

Jake Muller

Nurse Laura was absolutely wonderful while administering a covid test for both me and the members of my family! She even answered all of the questions regrading the other services that RxIV Infusions provides. I would 100% recommend RxIV Infusions to everyone who needs a more personalized service.

Some of Our Happy Customers

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