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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose us over other home infusion companies?
    While the services might seem similar. We do not base our pricing on the number of medications or the time spent with you. We provide a full service treatment ensuring client satifaction from beginning to end and even after we leave. Using the highest quality vitamins, our Registered Nurse will stay with you for the duration of the infusion. While others use a half liter of fluids, we use a full liter and assess/monitor you while receiving the infusion. We value patient satisfaction and aim to provide the best experience. Check out our reviews on Google Businesses and Yelp!
  • Do you offer weight loss services?
    Yes we do. We offer many options. We have our once a week LIPO injections, We offer Semaglutide services, and our 12 week weight loss program.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    There are three easy ways to book an appointment: Call us at 516-545-0811 Text us at 516-545-0809 Visit our services page at
  • Where can I get an IV infusion?
    Anywhere your heart desires. We have done IVs in the home, office, hotel, pool side, in a car, at a wedding, during a meeting, etc. The options are endless. We also have beautiful locations to meet you needs (and save you money).
  • What are the prices of your drips?
    Please check out our services page at Prices listed are for in office treatment. A $100 concierge fee applies for in home services.
  • Do you take insurance for infusion treatments?
    At this time we do not take insurance. We try to provide the best care for a very reasonable price. We encourage you to shop around to ensure you are getting the best bang for you buck.
  • How long does treatment take?
    From start to finish, treatments should take 45-60 minutes on average.
  • Who can benefit from an IV infusion?
    Anyone can benefit from an IV infusion. There is little to no side effects to our IV infusions. One of our talented nurses will ensure we are providing you with the best infusion to meet your needs.
  • Why would I spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy IV when I am not feeling well? I can just go to the hospital.
    While some situations require you to go to urgent care or the Emergency Department, this may not always be necessary. By utilizing our services, you can be in the comfort of your own home, customizing the medications that fit your needs. There is no wait, no copay, and no deductible.
  • Do you provide IVs for events and parties?
    Absolutely! These are our favorite things to do! Contact us for prices.
  • What is the process for Semaglutide?
    Semaglutide is a prescription medication. We take safety very seriously. The process is started by filling out our intake form. We will set up a consult call with our nurse practitioner. We will provide a script for lab work which you will complete on your own at a local LabCorp. Once we receive your results our NP will review. If you are a candidate our NP will set up a consultation call. There is a $100 consult charge.
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